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About Us

At Wakoya Sushi, we specialize in serving authentic Japanese and Korean food in the Winnipeg area! We believe in having a strong focus on a great service to each of our customers and affordable prices which will leave you truly satisfied. It is our commitment to deliver the freshest chicken recipes, flavoured with the finest ingredients which are perfectly prepared with our team’s heart and soul. Come in and unwind with friends, and family today!

With the wide selection of Japanese food, you are sure to find something you love! Start off the meal right with one of our authentic appetizers like the Croquette. One order comes with two pieces of crip-fried mashed potato, served with sweet teriyaki sauce. If you have a craving for salads, our Sunomono Salad/Avocado Sunomono is a must-try. This signature salad comes with silk clear-glass noodles served with cucumber, shrimp, and octopus, drizzled with vinegar dressing – we guarantee you will leave feeling truly satisfied.

Now that the appetizers are out of the way, you can make room for our Maki rolls. We highly recommend trying our Inari Maki, Oshinko Maki, Tamago Maki, Smoked Salmon Maki, Negitoro Maki, or the Futo Maki! Along with our maki rolls, you can try our specialty rolls like the Yokohama Roll, Sakana Special Roll, Spicy Scallop Roll, Ninja Roll, Diehard Roll or the Mystery Roll.

Are you getting hungry yet? Our restaurant is open seven days a week for your convenience! Whether you are joining us for a quick bite to eat or craving late-night sushi, we believe our food is perfect for all occasions! View our full menu today and you can have your favourite meal delivered straight to your front door!

167 Osborne St

(204) 783-7777

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“Love this place!”

Love this place! The atmosphere is really comfortable. The staff are all nice. The food is great too. You gotta try their Kimchi Ramen here, it’s my comfort food. Also love their Kimchi fried rice %22

“One of our favorite spots for Korean”

I’ve had nothing but Korean food in this spacious, clean, modern-looking place, and it’s been excellent every time. The bibimbap is awesome, as is the kimchi ramen. It’s one of our favorite spots for Korean.

“Hands down the greatest tasting sushi in the village”

Always great experience! I seriously love coming here. 95% of the time, I get served by same waitress when I eat and she is freaking awesome. She seems to know my usual order but she not only knows my order but she always recommend me to try something more exotic (still within my range) even though I usually stick to my order. But recently I tried sakana special roll and I was blown away!! I usually get something with tuna, salmon and crab but sakana has all of them!!!! Food is always great, awesome vibe, and hands down the greatest tasting sushi in the village. I love coming here and will continue!